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DIP Powder Kit

DIP Powder Kit

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Dipping Powder Suit Nail Infiltration Powder Suit Bottom Sealant Desiccant

Product selling points:

1. 4 in 1 nail powder
2. The advantage is simple operation, fast, more durable than nail polish, the disadvantage is that it is not easy to remove (same as nail polish)
3. Can be used for natural nails and fake nails.
4. Provide a fantastic natural look for nails.
5.Perfect household or professional use.

Quantity: one set
Capacity: 175g
Color: as shown

how to use :
1. Prepare your nails
2. Dip a thin layer of primer
3. Dip the tip of the entire nail into the dish
4. Brush off excess powder
5. Apply the second layer of primer
6. Dip the nail tip into the plate to achieve the desired smile line
7. Brush off excess powder
9. Use a buffer to smooth and refine the surface
10. Apply topcoat

Package Contents:
1 set of nail powder

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