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Liquid Blush O.TWO.O

Liquid Blush O.TWO.O

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1.The Texture Is Very Light--so you don't have to worry if you accidentally apply too much. It's sheer and buildable, and the color lasts long. 

2.The Perfect Amount Of natural-looking Color--liquid blush effortlessly glides on skin for a lasting glow, ideal for mixing textures: layer over powder blush for high-impact color, or apply first for a diffused effect. Go with the glow. 

3.A Silky Weightless Fluid--that creates a natural-looking, second-skin finish,Veil of color on the skin creates a healthy glow. 

4.How To Use: 

a.Warm a small amount of Liquid Blush in the palm of the hand. Apply with fingertips for a natural, effortless effect. 

b.To intensify color and add dimension, layer Orgasm or other blush shade over Liquid Blush. 

c.Can be worn under or over foundation for a range of effects. 

d.Do not twist open. To open, pull the cap straight off. Twisting may cause the enclosed pump to be removed along with the cap. To close securely and ensure product will not leak, place cap over pump and turn clockwise.

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