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Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic Eyelashes

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FALSE eyelash Feature:

1、The only perfect tool for application.- Magnetic eyelash, It's impossible to use it with the usual tweezers that can be seen everywhere on Amazon, because super-powerful magnets stick to metal and can't leave the tweezers after a long stay. We have designed these high quality plastic non magnetic tweezers for magnetic eyelashes, making the work easier.

2、Stronger Dual Magnets - Delicate eyelashes include upgraded premium dual magnets to ensure they never peel off your beautiful eyes in front of everyone, unlike other brands.
3、The most natural lengths and weights for any eye - these new upgraded half-size eyelash lengths are lighter and longer than other magnetic eyelashes, making them fit perfectly into each eye in three seconds, and made from high-quality silk, bending your eyelash-shaped eyelashes according to a unique curve- We've upgraded these hand-made eyelashes to smaller, more powerful ultra-thin magnets, when you blink your glamorous eyes and give you 100% confidence
4、Provide perfect length and weight for any eye. These new upgraded half-size Eyelash Extensions are lighter and longer than other magnetic eyelashes, allowing them to fit perfectly into each eye in three seconds, and are made of high-quality silk that curves your eyelashes according to unique curves.
5、Provide a real life refund guarantee.

Product parameters:
Product category: false eyelash
Material: imported fiber
Production process: pure handwork

Packing list:

8 PCS (2 pairs)

Eyelash curler feature:
1.Unique designed for eyelash, easy to use, natural effect
2.The silicone pad does no harm to eyelash
3.Suitable for all eye shapes    

Package Include:
1 x eyelash curler

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